Samant Brara: Real Estate Entrepreneur’s take on Real Estate Market in India


Do you want to know where the real estate market in India will be in 2021? Not only are you not alone, but you’re not the only one either. A roller coaster year like 2020 makes it difficult to forecast what will happen in 2021. Experts like Samant Barara, on the other hand, can look at previous data and make fairly accurate predictions of real estate in India.

As a rule, it is straightforward to predict whether demand will rise or decrease. On the other hand, real estate in India is a lot more difficult to understand and navigate. People acquire real estate for a variety of reasons. In India, some people acquire real estate to live in or as an investment.

2021 real estate market outlook for India

Because of this, we are projecting the real estate market in India in 2021 has been a difficult task for analysts. What may be predicted in 2021 is the following.

Recently, it has been assumed that young professionals choose to rent rather than own homes. That’s all altered now because of the epidemic. As a result, many young individuals want to acquire property in India. Home search activity has returned to pre-COVID levels in most areas. It has been reported that with the greatest demand reported in India, where demand has increased by 68 percent.

As a result of the lockout, most people’s occupations shifted online, forcing them to set up home offices. People no longer look for living  spaces around offices, rather look for spaces that are affordable and well furnished. Many large firms, such as the IT corporations in India, have stated that employees would work from home through 2021. For the foreseeable future, home offices will continue to be popular. People believe that now is a good moment to invest in their own home due to these factors.

Today, people are moving away from crowded, dirty and noisy inner-city regions to quieter suburbs. Among younger Indian families, suburbs and newly developed regions are becoming increasingly attractive like Skyline and other ventures in India where leading real estate entrepreneurs like Samant Barara have built luxury properties. In addition, people sought to acquire houses in projects with amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and sports courts within the complex. It reduces the number of times people have to leave their homes, and they will be able to enjoy all of these benefits in the comfort of their backyards.

Most of us had a difficult year in 2020. Immediately following the outbreak and ensuing lockdown, several industries and marketplaces were severely harmed. In addition, the real estate sector had its share of issues. If we look ahead to the year 2021, it appears that the Indian real estate market will not only bounce back but explode. A major part of the Indian economy’s revival might come from this sector. In other words, if you’ve been considering buying real estate in India, now is the time to do it.

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