Samant Brara Underrated Traits to Boost Your Level of Entrepreneurial IQ


Do you know about the factors that will determine the success and failure of an entrepreneur? There is not only one as there are different variables available that can lead an entrepreneur either towards success or failure. One may think that IQ is a crucial success predictor, but it is poorly correlated. However, some traits will help budding entrepreneurs boost their EIQ (entrepreneurial IQ). As per Samant Brara, these traits are quite determinative of success than any other skill, intellect, or relationship.

Keep on reading this post and see if you as an entrepreneur have these traits.

Plenty of professional experience

There are so many prevailing narratives that most of the budding yet successful entrepreneurs or founders are so young. Like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were dropped out of their colleges just to start their business. In addition to this, they became multi-millionaire before even reaching their 25th birthday. However, the average age of most successful founders and entrepreneurs is a little higher. And you know what the most important aspect here is – the real-life experience. They all had some sort of real-life experience that helped them grow and succeed – Samant Brara Business tycoon.

Fluid intelligence

Before we talk about the importance of this trait for your EIQ, let us tell you what fluid intelligence is all about! It is nothing but the ability to create, transform, and maneuver new details in real-time. Budding entrepreneurs who have a higher level of fluid intelligence are considered good when it comes to recognizing patterns and abstracting thinking. These are the people who can adapt to new opportunities and situations rapidly. Due to this ability or trait, they are brilliant problem solvers. Now, you must be thinking about what the need for manipulating new details is! While developing new business ideas, this ability will prove to be a valuable attribute. As Samant Brara said – the landscape between the actual idea and turning it into reality may change. And adapting to those changes is excessively important for an entrepreneur. This train will also be useful when you want to learn new skills and generate better business ideas.

Optimistic and open-minded

People will have high openness if they are flexible enough to welcome new ideas and able to accept changes. For an entrepreneur, willingness to think out of the box and embrace new changes are keys to success. Rolling with new changes and looking for better opportunities at the same time will help you move forward irrespective of the situation. A higher level of openness is the clear indication of optimistic thinking which is needed the most if you are competing in such a competitive market. Just keep in mind that if you think that a problem can easily be solved, you will feel more motivated to solve it in real. So, be open-minded and optimistic at the same time.

The modest level of agreeableness

Agreeableness is one of the traits that typically does not hit the mind of people when they think of entrepreneurship. In a general scenario, entrepreneurs are expected to be brave, unwavering, and tenacious. They should indeed be firm at times so that their business can thrive and they can form long-term yet sustainable and trustworthy relationships. However, you should understand that being agreeable does not mean that you should be a pushover – Samant Brara. Instead, this ability is needed to network and collaborate to add skills and values to the fledging business.

Wrapping Up!

With these traits, the chances of your entrepreneurial success will go up automatically. As per India’s most successful and leading business entrepreneur Samant Brara, you should say a BIG NO to some habits like emotional instability, aggressiveness, excuse-making, narcissism, and deceitfulness. Just remember, if you are starting up something, be good enough as it is a highly needed trait to move forward.

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